How to Add a Grouped Product

It’s best to start out making the child products that are going to be part of the grouped (parent) product. 

Set up the child products as a Simple product that will be added to the grouped (parent) product.

If you want the child products to sold separately in addition to the grouped product, you can just publish as is.

If you want the child products ONLY bought through the grouped (parent) product go to the Publish box > Look for Catalog visibility > Click Edit > Click Hidden > Press OK 

To make your grouped (parent) product click Add New > Scroll down to Product data > Select Grouped product from the dropdown.
Some tabs will disappear from the Product data section, which is ok. Click Linked Products > You should see Grouped products > type in the name of your child products and add them.

Final Step

Once you’ve added all your product info, make sure you click Update/Publish. Like a regular page, you can choose when to publish, and what status the product should be set as.

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