Support Beacon

Freshy Support Tool

The Freshy Help Desk team has your back(end of your website)! 
The  Support Beacon changes the way you are able to access our “How-To” guides and contact our Help Desk Team — all from the back end of your site.

The Freshy Support Beacon can be found in the bottom right corner of the backend of your website. It is not visible to anyone visiting your website.

Support Beacon Features

Backend Access
When logged into the WordPress dashboard as an admin, the Freshy logo in the bottom right corner will appear. You can click on this button whenever you need help. It will allow you to browse our help guides and contact us right from the back end of your website! You no longer will need to open your email to send us a question or a new tab to view our Knowledge Base!
Access to Knowledge Base Articles
Get stuck trying to make an edit? Browse and search our Knowledge Base Articles right from the beacon! Each article will be displayed directly in the open window, allowing you to actively follow the steps.

Contact Help Desk Directly
Not finding what you need in our Knowledge Base? Have additional or specific questions? Using the Support Beacon, you will be able to send us an email right from the back end of your website.
Access to All Previous Conversations
Have additional questions a day later? Misplace the link we sent with the step-by-step guide? After reaching out to the Help Desk Team using the Beacon, all conversations (both email and chat) will be saved for reference or to re-open in the future!
Emailed Copy of Conversations
In addition to being able to access them from the back end of your website, all previous conversations will also be sent to the email address provided for future reference!