How to View Design Mock-Up Files

Reviewing Made Easy

Mock reviewing as recently got even easier! Your Project Manager will send a link to review your sites mock-ups and make comments. No emailing back and forth, comments can be made right on the elements of the mocks. Your project team will be able to see all comments right away!


Scroll through the homepage mock and review the layout, content, colors etc.

Pin comments as you review!

1. Click "Comment as Guest" (Bottom Right Corner)

2. Click the pin icon and click where on the mock you want to make a comment. Example: Click on the Main Menu and write "Make menu font larger"

3. Submit Comment

Advance to the next Mock
Be sure to check out mock2 and mock3 artboards!
1. Click on the right arrow (Bottom Center of the screen)
2. Review and comment on additional mocks
3. Click the home icon to go back to the homepage/instruction page

Want a Jpeg instead?

Just ask! Follow the steps below on how to open and view any jpeg files sent from your Project Manager!


Download the files to your desktop from the email - Watch Quick Video Here!

- Hover over the file attached in the email and select the 'Down Arrow' icon to download.

IF downloading from a browser - The file will show at the bottom of your browser after downloading. Click to  open / skip  steps 2 and 3 below.


Open Google Chrome or Firefox browser  (Recommended Browsers for Optimal Viewing)

Drag & drop the first file directly into the browser tab - Watch Quick Video Here!
- Open your 'File Explorer' management tool - Go to 'Downloads' / Location of where you saved the file

- Drag the file into your browser (Watch Video above) - Look for the + (plus sign) to copy to the browser.

Hover the image that appears and zoom in (if necessary) so it fills the whole screen - Click on the image to zoom in / Click again to zoom out. - Scroll to see the whole mock-up
Open a new tab and repeat for the remaining files


Mock-ups are image-based and are not responsive or interactive.
Review overall branding, colors, styling, and content placement to provide feedback for the design progress. 

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