How to Open & View Design Mock-Up Files


Download the files to your desktop from the email - Watch Quick Video Here!

- Hover over the file attached in the email and select the 'Down Arrow' icon to download.

IF downloading from a browser - The file will show at the bottom of your browser after downloading. Click to  open / skip  steps 2 and 3 below.


Open Google Chrome or Firefox browser  (Recommended Browsers for Optimal Viewing)

Drag & drop the first file directly into the browser tab - Watch Quick Video Here!
- Open your 'File Explorer' management tool - Go to 'Downloads' / Location of where you saved the file

- Drag the file into your browser (Watch Video above) - Look for the + (plus sign) to copy to the browser.

Hover the image that appears and zoom in (if necessary) so it fills the whole screen - Click on the image to zoom in / Click again to zoom out. - Scroll to see the whole mock-up
Open a new tab and repeat for the remaining files


Mock-ups are image-based and are not responsive or interactive.
Review overall branding, colors, styling, and content placement to provide feedback for the design progress.