Improving SEO With Keyword-Dense Landing Pages

In order to more closely target your chosen region for your chosen keywords/key phrases, Freshy can create keyword-dense landing pages for your website.

Landing pages 

Are a powerful tool that helps boost a website's SEO value through carefully crafted content targeting specific keywords/key phrases and locations, as well as clearly targeted SEO page title tags and description tags.
While the foundational SEO implemented on the website is key to ensuring your site's visibility online, utilizing landing pages will give your website an additional edge in search engines' eyes through adding this new, keyword-dense content. 
Search engines love content and prioritize websites that have a lot of content - specifically clear-cut content they can index easily for the right keywords and locations.
Landing pages provide this exact type of content for search engines.
This is more of a long-term organic SEO strategy and solution.
Google PPC Ads offer a short-term solution for high visibility on search engines through properly structured text ads that appear right on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) after they're approved by Google.