Domain Hosting

FreshySites hosts your website on our servers. Domain Hosting is a service we offer on request. 

If you prefer to have both the website and domain under the same "roof" with FreshySites - Reach out to support to get the conversation started! 


The website files are hosted and served by the hosting provider. Once those files exist on the hosting, the domain name is pointed to the appropriate server address in order to fully connect all pieces. All of these three parts work together in order to make and keep your website live on the internet.

Need help finding where your Domain is Hosted? 

You can search you site domain on (insert link) to find where the domain is registered. 

If you are having trouble with logging into your domain registrar account - Reach out to the support team for that registrar. 

What's the difference between my website and domain?

In order to have a website live on the internet, three main parts are needed:

Website - At FreshySites, we use WordPress, to build all of our websites, which is made up of database tables and files. 


Hosting - The hosting for a website is where all of the for the website lives and is stored. FreshySites provides a safe and secure hosting service for all files/data to be stored for your website. 


Domain - The domain is your unique URL/address for your website that contain editable records to point to your hosting provider 

Need Help?

Reach out to support via email or FS Beacon Chat - We're happy to help!