Facebook Pixels


Facebook should be contacted for any specific questions on payment and management. The below information was located online with the help of articles from FB.

You can use a Facebook pixel to collect data on two different kinds of events.

Facebook has predefined a set of 17 standard events. (Purchase, add to cart, contact, donation, subscribe, schedule and more)
You can set up custom events yourself.

An “event” is simply a specified action that a visitor takes on your website, like making a purchase.

The pixel is set up and managed in your Facebook accounts 'event manager'. This is where you create and view the pixel data.

FB Pixels are added to sites upon request. Send support the pixel code, created from your account and we can add it to the site!

Cost? The pixel is free to create and implement on your site. However, Facebook Marketing is not - Pricing is determined by what type of marketing is chosen. Contact Facebook for more information on costs.