How to Edit the Site Footer

Where is my Footer located for editing?

Each site is custom-built to your needs. This includes styling and structure customization that make the site unique.

The following areas are where your footer might be available for editing.


Support is more than happy to assist in making updates to the footer. Many times footer elements are custom and may involve multiple steps to update. Reach out for a custom guide! 


Go to a page on your site and scroll all the way down. If you see a section with 3-5 columns with the details of your footer (logo, quick link menus, contact information) then editing can be made on the page.

Is the section bright green? Read here about Global Elements.


A footer can be located under the following - Appearances > Widgets

If you toggle open 'Footer Column 1' and see details of your footer displayed, your footer is created in this location.

DIVI Library Section

At times, mainly for custom layout structure, a footer is built as a section in the Divi element library and added to a page with a shortcode. The shortcode pulls in the section allowing for sections to nest within one another to achieve a "look" for your site!

If you see a code such as [showmodule id="123"] - The Divi Library is being used. 

Go to Divi > Divi Library and look for a layout labeled "Footer..." and edit there.

DIVI Theme Builder

Commonly used after 2020, this new functionally within Divi allows headers, body layouts, and footers to be created for the whole site. 

Find the templates to edit by going to Divi > Divi Theme Builder and select the Footer to edit!