Site Security & Backup Protection

Protection Guaranteed

Your website is protected by an SSL certificate. This is the 'lock' icon within the browser. What the icon symbolizes is total protection, secure communication between client and server, authenticating systems and encrypting data for the site. Additionally, Jetpack, is our trusted security system we use on all our sites - This provides another layer of security.   Read More Here
What is an SSL?

An SSL, which stands for secure sockets layer, is what ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and the browser remains encrypted. All FreshySites websites should have an SSL to help maintain security on your website and server. Additionally, Google and other search engines will penalize sites that do not have an SSL and will mark them as “insecure” which can negatively affect your web rankings.

For further details, please visit our SSL page.

Backup System

Jetpack provides daily backup points automatically and manual backs up when admin users do any of the following: Log in, add a new page, update/activate/disable plugins and more!
A foolproof way to ensure that if needed we have the ability to revert the site to the most recent backup points. This limits any downtime and potential loss of recent edits. A full backup includes the entire database, files in your plugins, themes, and upload directories.
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