Divi Builder Basics

The Divi Builder

Looks and works much like the Visual Builder (read more here).


Module(s) = Building element used to create text, images, videos - you name it! Learn More on how to edit individual module types - Here!

Header = Full-width banner. Headers are the section under the main menu on most sites. 

Layout Structure

Blue Bar = Section |  Green/Teal Bar = Rows  | Gray Bar = Modules

Each area is highlighted with a specific color. See the notes above. Areas nest within each other. Such as first the section, then the rows, and lastly the elements/modules.


To Add new sections, rows, and modules

Click the circle with plus signs to add accordingly. 

Blue Circle = New Section |  Green/Teal Circle = New Row  | Gray Circle = New Modules

To Edit, Move and Delete

Arrows = Move section, rows, modules - Drag and drop functionality. 

Gear = How to open settings for sections, rows, and modules.

Boxes = Duplicate (clone) any section, row, or module.

Columns = How to change the layout and column structure. ie: Change the layout from 1/2 and 1/2 to 3 columns. 

Download = Save any section, row, or module to the DIVI library to use later.

Trash Can = Delete.

Extra Features 

(left to right)

Layout Icon = Shows you everything 

Desktop icon = Shows you what will only show on desktop.**

Tablet Icon = Shows you what will only show on a tablet.**

Mobile Icon - Shows you what will only show on mobile.**

Search Icon = Allows you to search to make quick edits

Question Icon = Get help from DIVI directly with videos, how-tos etc. 

** Recommend you make edits on desktop view only. For Device-specific edits - Please reach out to support if you are planning on having elements show only on desktop/tablet/mobile.

Note: In 2019, DIVI made upgrades to their tools and layout options. If you are seeing the Classic builder - Read how to use it here!