Domain Related Emails

From time to time, you may receive emails regarding your domain for a number of reasons.

Domain Expiration/Renewal

Emails regarding the status of your domain that come from the registrar where you purchased your domain are legitimate. They will mainly be informing you that your domain is either about to expire or has expired.

These are important emails to pay attention to. If your domain does expire, your site will no longer be accessible at that domain.
If you prefer not receive emails regarding your domain, we can transfer your domain to our account and manage it fully on our end. This will allow us to  handle all record changes and domain renewals without you as the client having to worry about them. 

DNS updates and other information from FreshySites

Any email you receive from an email address with “” is coming from someone on our team.
If FreshySites is emailing you regarding your domain, we are most likely reaching out to make a change to your DNS records or to inform you that your site is down due to domain expiration.
For DNS record updates, we will generally ask for access to your registrars account if possible so that we can make the updates on our end. We ask because coordinating the change between two (or more) parties can be time-sensitive. We are more than happy to jump in and make the changes quickly. However, If you choose to make the change on your end, we will coordinate a good time with you to make the change! 

Domain Scams

If you receive an email regarding your domain that doesn’t seem like one of these two scenarios or if you have any concern regarding the legitimacy of an email regarding your domain feel free to reach out to our team at to confirm.