How to Add a New Product

Basic Product Info

After logging into your website, navigate to the left panel and find the "Products" Tab. Hover over this and select "Add New". Below is the page you should see for adding a new product. Reference the numbers with the steps below:

Add product name.
Change the Page Layout to Full Width.
Add long description.
Select the Product categories which the product falls under or add a new one. Note the categories are tiered and you should also select the parent category to any second or third level categories.
Add Product Short Description here (Text shows above the Add to Cart button to the right of the product image).
Upload the main Product Image.
Upload picture to the Product Gallery to show additional images below the main image.

Detailed Product Info

Below the description you will see the Product Data section. This is where all the nitty gritty details are entered. The first thing we need to establish is what type of product we are adding. Choose  Simple ProductGrouped ProductExternal Product, or  Variable Product from the product data dropdown.
You will also notice Virtual and Downloadable checkbox options. These are mostly used for purchasing files or non-physical products.  If Virtual is checked the Shipping tab will disappear. If Downloadable is checked, an upload section will display in the General tab.

To learn more about the different product types, click here

Final Step

Once you’ve added all your product info, make sure you click Update/Publish. Like a regular page, you can choose when to publish, and what status the product should be set as.