Google Workspace

Interested in Switching?

Freshy personally uses and recommends all of our clients switch over to Google Workspace (G Suite) for email hosting and domain branded email addresses.
Billing is set up directly with Google — and Google Workspace provides its own thorough guides with a specialized support team, whom you'll have access to 24/7! 

If you want to move forward with Google Workspace, you can receive a 14-day free trial by signing up using our link here!


  • The basic plan is $6/mo/email address
  • Business Plan is $12/mo/email address

Getting Started

We typically recommend the initial setup piece is handled on your end where you can enter the specific details about your company and account billing information. 

From there, we can certainly assist with the two items listed below: 

1. Domain Verification Process 

2. Mail/MX Record Additions

Have Questions?

Reach out to support via email - We're happy to help!