How to Edit Images

Navigate to “Pages” on the sidebar
Select a page to edit
Go to the Image Module you want to update. Image Modules can be labeled with context from the image that is in there or simply say 'Image'. To help navigate to the correct one, open your website page in another tab and match up what section the image module is located. 
Open the module - Click on the gear icon to open the module settings

Select the option ' Upload an Image' - From the media library, select any image you want or upload a new one. 
Tip: If the images are all the same size, be sure to crop the new image to match before uploading it to the site. 

Save & Exit by pressing the green checkmark (bottom right). This saves your edit while you continue to edit other elements on the page. This does not save all edits and push the updates 'live'.

Press Update to push all edits 'live' (top right corner, blue button)
If using the Visual Builder - See here on how to Update!

Need Help?

Reach out to support via email - We're happy to help!