How to Add Text, Images, Buttons & Videos

Term - Module(s) = Building tool used to create text, images, videos - you name it! Learn More basic terms here!

Navigate to “Pages” on the sidebar
Select a page to edit
To add new text or images click the (+) “Insert Modules” button.
This will open different elements for you to choose to add to your page.
Select the module/ element you want to add: Text, Image, Gallery etc. Below are descriptions on the most used modules.

Text / Content 

Add your content here. Within the 'Design' settings, you can set alignment, font, sizes, animation and more. Click “Save & Exit” after you’re finished.


To add the button element, select it from the elements library.

Here you can add/edit title, URL, how it links out. Within 'Design' settings alignment, animation and more. Click “Save & Exit” after you’re finished.


Add your image link by clicking “Upload an Image,” within the 'Design' settings you can set alignment, animation and more. Click “Save & Exit” after you’re finished.

Add your image by uploading or selecting an image from your media library. 


Add the “Video URL” or “Upload a Video”

Note: Videos come in different sizes and links. Some videos provide share links and custom URL links. If you have a video file like a MP4 or MPG you can upload the video to your media library, be aware of large video file sizes that may cause loading issues.

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