How to Add and Edit Blog Categories

How to Edit Post Categories / Add new


Go to Posts > Categories


Create a new post category by entering in a name in the left side form. Press Enter. 

To add posts to this new category - Open the posts and select the new category from the right sidebar options. Learn more here!


To edit the name of a current category - Select the name from the list on the right. Update the name and save. 

How to Delete the Uncategorized Post Category


You can not delete the 'Uncategorized' category if there are no other categories on the site. If you need help adding other categories for posts, reach out to support or follow the guide above.


Go to Posts > Categories, to create a new post category that will act as the default category instead of Uncategorized 


Go to Settings > Writing. At the top, for the option Default Post Category, choose your new default category. Click Save Changes.


Go back to Posts > Categories, hover over the Uncategorized category in order to select Delete.