PayPal Form Feeds

Note: This guide details the steps to set up a new payment feed. 

PayPal needs to be already set up and integrated with the site.

If you do not currently have PayPal connected to forms on your site, first reach out to support to help get the conversation started on adding that functionality.


Go to Forms > Select the form you wish to edit > Select 'Settings' > Select 'PayPal'

If you see the prompt to first set up your PayPal settings, you do not have PayPal connected to the site. 


Click 'Add New' to set a Feed up.


Input the email address associated with the PayPal account. 


Select 'Products and Services' from the dropdown. 


Fill in the following feilds:

Payment amount remains on default (Form Total)

Billing information ( this will automatically pull information entered into the form to PayPal . Meaning, the customer does not have to re-enter it) 

Be sure to have fields clearly marked for what they are. First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email etc. 

No need to enter in information for page style etc.


Update Settings to save all changes. The PayPal Feed is now 'live. 

Need Help?

Reach out to support via email - We're happy to help!