Revert/Rollback a Single Page with Divi

In the event that the content of a page goes missing or that changes need to be reverted for a single page using divi builder, follow the steps below. 
If you have questions, please inquire prior to making any reverts/rollbacks. Contact

Login > Go to pages > Select the page you would like to roll back to a previously saved version.


From the top right, select "screen options" - A menu will show with options to select. Check to see if "Revisions" is turned ON


Scroll to the bottom of the page to the section "Revisions". You will see timestamps. Click on a revision that is prior to the issue your experiencing. 


You will see the page content side by side with highlighted notes. Click the "Restore The Revision" button to the right.


The page will re-load with the revision selected.