How to Upload New Files to the Media Library

Uploading New Media

Select 'Media Library' from the left navigation
Select 'Add New' top left
Upload by browsing for files or drag in photos to upload - You will see them appear below.

Note: Many modules and tools throughout the site allow uploads to be made within their settings. ie: Feature images on posts, you will see a pop up version of the media library show to select or upload from there.

Finding the media URL: Select a media file - On the right, you will see the URL, title, and information on the file.

Adding throughout your site


Read Article about adding links to text - Here! 

This works best for PDF media files - follows the same steps as adding website links to text.


Select 'Media Library' from the left navigation
Open settings (Need help locating the settings? Read our Divi Builder Basics article)
In a separate window tab open the Media Library - Click on the image, PDF, file copy the URL to the right

Switch back to the button module settings - Paste in the URL here...

- You can also select whether the button opens in a new tab or not.

Main Menu

Follow the steps on adding a custom link to the menu - Here!

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