How to Add a New Page

Select 'Pages' from the left side navigation

Create New or Clone Existing?

Choose an option below and follow the 'What's next?' Links on building the new page!

Start your build from scratch! 

Select 'Use The Divi Builder' to get started!

Clone a similar Page

Hover over a page with a layout close to the one you want to create - Select Clone
The page with refresh and a duplicate page will show in the list with 'draft' next to the title
Select the page on draft and edit!
Be sure to Update the permalink when you change the title of the page 

What's Next?

Read our Divi Builder Basics article on how to add modules and more!

How to Add Text, Images, Buttons & Videos

Need Help?

Reach out to support via email or FS Beacon Chat - We're happy to help!