How to Add a New User in Google Analytics

To add a new user to your website's Google Analytics account, follow the instructions below:

Log into your Google Analytics account at
Navigate to & click the gear icon at the bottom left corner.
Click 'User Management' in the second column labeled 'Property.'
Click the blue '+' button in the top right corner.
Click 'Add users.'
Enter the GMail address(es) of the person/people you would like to give access to.

Since it is a Google product, you can only add Gmail addresses to Google Analytics.

Permit these new users the appropriate level of access according to their role with your business, organization, etc. by choosing from the 4 different levels of access explained on the screen, which are:
  • 'Edit'
  • 'Collaborate'
  • 'Read & Analyze'
  • 'Manage Users'
Click the blue 'Add' button at the top right corner.

The person, or people, you added should receive an email that they were added to your site's Google Analytics, as long as the box labeled 'Notify users by email.' was checked on your Analytics.

Why It's Important To Have Freshy Add Users

We recommend clients go through us to add users to their Google Analytics account as opposed to doing it themselves.

Your site's Google Analytics tracking code / account houses a variety of sensitive information about your website.

Having too many people given access to your site's Analytics puts all of that sensitive data at risk if the account of one of the people with access gets hacked for some reason. Keeping the number of people who have access to your Analytics at a minimum is recommended to keep your website's data secure.