Why am I not showing up on Google at all?

There could a variety of reasons your website isn’t showing up on Google at all for your chosen keywords, key phrases and/or target location.

This could depend on how recently your website was launched - new websites can take up to 2 weeks to show up on Google - as well as how highly trafficked your website is.

You can always re-submit your website URL (just search ‘Add my website to Google’) if it’s been more than 2 weeks. However, this isn’t a guarantee that your website will show up.

I really want to rank better, what can you guys do for me?

There are a variety of things FreshySites can do for clients who want their website to rank better, including:

  • Implementing on-page or local SEO (if those weren’t part of your original website scope)
  • Re-auditing your website for a more refined list of targeted keywords
  • Adding keyword-focused landing pages to your website and more.

Feel free to take a look at our digital marketing services ( https://digital.freshysites.com) to see the specific packages and services what we offer.

Then give us a call so we can recommend the best path forward for your website.

How long after my Google listing has been verified does it take for me to start ranking well?

After implementing on-page and local SEO tactics, it will take roughly 4-8 weeks for your website, and Google listing, to begin ranking well.