How to set up Attributes

Whats a Global Attribute?

Attributes are options in which the main product can differ. 

The best examples of attributes are: T-shirt comes in Sizes: S - XXL and Colors: Blue, Purple, and Pink. 

Can be used for any type of product (Simple, Variable etc.)

To set up a global attribute go to  Products > Attributes.

Enter the name of your attribute. ie: Color

On the right - Select the attribute you have just created to 'Configure Terms'
Add 'Terms' of the attribute. ie: Red, Yellow, Green.
On the product page scroll down to the  Product Data section > Click Attributes > Click on the dropdown to select the new attribute and press 'Add'. Once you’ve added the attribute, select all the values that apply to that product. ie: Colors green and yellow but not red.

Need Help?

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