How to set up Global Attributes

Use attributes for any type of product (Simple and Variable Products mainly). This allows options such as color, size etc. to be selected. Example: T-shirt comes in Sizes: S - XXL and Colors: Blue, Purple, and Pink.

Set up your new product first by following these steps - How to Add a New Product
To set up a global attribute go to  Products > Attributes.
- Enter the name of your attribute. 

- Click on the attribute name once it’s added to the right-hand table. 

- Add the variations individually - you can press the blue ‘Add new (your attribute)’ or just press enter to add them more rapidly ;) 

Add the global attribute to your variable product by first making sure you’re on the product page you want to add attributes to. 

Scroll down to the Product Data section > Click Attributes > Click on the dropdown to select a global attribute and press Add. 

Once you’ve added the attribute, select all the values that apply to that product.

(Optional) Add a special note that is only included in the customer’s email receipt in the Advanced tab. Menu order controls which order products appear on your shop page. Click Enable reviews if you want reviews for this product. Note: you also need to enable reviews in WooCommerce > Settings > Products

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