How to Update Form Customer Confirmations

Confirmation Message Options

See options below for two of the basic setups. Support is happy to help make these adjustments for your forms!

Option 1: Default Message

The normal setup for forms includes a confirmation message that shows when a form has successfully been submitted. Typically along the lines of "Thank You for reaching out! We will be in touch shortly."

How to Edit the Default Message

Go to ' Forms'
Hover over the Form you wish to edit

- Hover over ' Settings'

- Select ' Confirmations'

Click on the ' Default Confirmation' to edit
Edit the message
Save the confirmation by selecting the blue button at the bottom.

Option 2: Confirmation Page Setup / Redirect

Custom page to display a "Thank You" message and or other content.

How to Set Up Confirmation Message Page


Go to ' Forms' > Hover over the Form you wish to edit and select 'Settings' > and then 'Confirmations'


Click on the ' Default Confirmation' to edit

Change the 'Confirmation Type' to ' Page' or ' Redirect'
Page: Follow the instructions in these articles to help create the new page - How to Add a New Page / DIVI Basics. In Form options, select the page from the dropdown.
Redirect: Enter in URL for the redirect. 
Save the confirmation by selecting the blue button at the bottom.

Want Custom Customer Confirmation Emails?

Support is happy to create a custom email(s) that send to the customer after successful form submission. Often used for "receipts" and or "confirmation of purchase" emails. 

Need Help?

Reach out to support via email or FS Beacon Chat - We're happy to help!