Plugin Troubleshooting

Is your site feature or functionality showing in error?

Reach out to support with answers to the following questions. Providing these can help support resolve the issues quicker. We thank you in advance for your patience! 

Are you able to login to the backend of the site?

  • Go to
    • If you are able to log in, then the issue your experiencing may be plugin related.

Is the website showing an error message? If yes - what kind of an error is this?

  • See the list of common error messages and codes here! 
  • Error message can also be one of the following:
    • Code Script or Shortcode Showing: The feature is no longer showing and in place is code. Example: [showmodule id"46"]
    • Error Message: Some tools will show a message for logged in users to notify of a connection error, missing setup step and or update required. 
  • Provide screenshots or copy the message and send to support for further investigation.

Have any recent changes/modifications been made to the site?

  • At times, work that has recently been performed on the website could result in unforeseen problems with its performance.

Updated a plugin recently? 

  • Let support know which one(s) and provide any details or screenshots.