Updating WordPress + Plugins

Disclaimer: Freshy is not responsible for any changes made to websites by any person or third-party outside of Freshy*

*Troubleshooting may be subject to our standard hourly rate.

Overview - Why Do Plugins Need to be Updated?

First and foremost, It is important to keep your WordPress websites updated for security reasons. WordPress core is consistently updating, and as the core files change, the theme and plugins need to follow. Neglecting plugin (and website) maintenance updates can lead to conflicts and vulnerabilities. 

No plugin comes with lifetime compatibility. Proper maintenance can help avoid conflicts.

Plugins are software that enables or enhances functionality on your website. There's a plugin for almost anything: contact forms, image galleries, eCommerce functionality, SEO, customization tools. The list is endless. As software, ultimately, plugins are updated on a non-standard schedule by their developers for the following reasons:
  • To introduce new features
  • To improve performances
  • To update bug fixes and improve security
  • To maintain compatibility with WordPress

Recommended Plan

Monthly Updates by Freshy Support Team

Periodic updates are important and recommend. By having a maintenance routine in place Freshy will be able to intercept issues before conflicts arise.

Freshy offer Monthly Update Retainers on request - Our monthly update plan ($185/mo) includes 1 hour per month updating theme and all plugins on the website. 
We place the site under "Maintenance Mode". This will display a temporary "We are undergoing routine maintenance" message (which can be customized). Maintenance mode allows us to troubleshoot any new conflicts that arise.  

Have an eCommerce Website? Online shops typically include custom plugins that require more time and attention when it comes to updates. We'd be happy to assist! 

Updating Plugins for Non-High Functionality* Websites

*High Functionality Websites - Refer to above for the recommend Monthly Update option! 

Before making any updates to plugins request a backup from our support team via the support beacon or email. We recommend having a ‘fresh’ backup of your site prior to any updates. 

Learn More about our Backups and Security Here!

While typically there shouldn't be problems when making standard WordPress plugin updates, we can't guarantee that an update will be seamless/smooth. A backup allows our support team to easily and safely revert the site if any conflict occurs.

Update ‘Theme’ plugins first and the rest one by one.  This is highly recommended. If a conflict occurs, support will be able to pinpoint which plugin might be the cause and assist in helping to resolve it.

Basic Plugin Update Guide
Step 1: Request backup
Step 2: Update ‘Theme’ plugins first
Step 3: Update other plugins one at a time. Check your site’s functionality and display* in-between updates.

*Troubleshooting may be subject to our standard hourly rate.

*Not recommended to perform updates on Fridays or weekends. Support hours are M-F 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.