How to Add Variable Product

The Variations tab only shows for Variable Products and are generated from Attributes. Here is how you set up variations: 

Scroll down to the Product data section > Select Variable product.
Click on the Attributes tab.
Make a custom attribute or choose a global attribute from the dropdown.
Click the Add button.
Name the Attribute (ie. Color or Size).
Add the values. Example: Colors should be written like this: Black | White | Purple | Blue.  NOTE: the pipe | is what separates the options. 
Select Used for variations and press Save attributes 
Click on the Variations tab - There should be a dropdown, click Create variations from all attributes and click Go
You will get two notifications, click OK for both
You will need to toggle open each variation and enter info that is specific to that variation. Usually, you only need to enter the SKU, Price, Weight, Dimensions. You can optionally upload a picture that shows the specific variation.

Final Step

Once you’ve added all your product info, make sure you click Update/Publish. Like a regular page, you can choose when to publish, and what status the product should be set as.

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