How to Add a New User Account

Select 'Users' from the left navigation
Select 'Add New' top left
Fill in the information
Username: Required - You can not change your username again.

Email: Required - Associated with the new user - Can be updated when needed.

First Name / Last Name / Website: Optional Feilds

Password: Here is where you can set a password for the new user OR after adding the new user will get an email notification prompting them.

Send User Notification: Make sure this is checked - This sends an email promoting the new user to change their password. 

Role: Required - Be sure to select the role for the new user. - Can be updated when needed.

  • Administrator = Full Access 
  • Author = For users to only have access to make and edit posts/pages
  • Subscriber/Contributor = Very limited access - Mainly used for customers or to give access to a customer dashboard.
'Add New User'

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