How to Clear Browser Cache

What is Cache?

The 'cache' refers to data stored temporarily. On the web, this enables faster rendering and shorter loading times. The browser will not need to download the site's data at each visit but gets the required files from the cache from a previous viewing.


Not seeing recently updated content, functionality or site styling?
Review the steps below for basic troubleshooting. To help project managers/support, be sure to send screenshots of what you are seeing for them to further investigate. 

Be sure that all edits were properly saved

Review how to save edits with the Divi Builder here!


Force Refresh

Refreshing will cause the browser to re-check with the server to load and show the most recent version. 
PC: Press Ctrl +Shift + R
MAC: Press Command + Shift + R
iPhone: Go to 'Settings' > Go to 'Safari' > Click 'Clear all history and web data' > Clear! 
Android: Go to the Chrome App > 'More Settings' > 'Advance' - Click 'Privacy' > Clear all browsing data! 

Seeing the site display a light blue color and different styling?

This a telltale sign of caching. Clearing your browser will typically resolve this issue quickly.

Review the site/page. If not displaying, move on to step 2.


View in an Incognito Window

Incognito windows are a great quick way to see if the issue your experiencing is simply cache or an error that needs further investigation/adjustment. If the display is correct then the issue is your browser caching (non-incognito window). If you are still seeing the issue than the issue may not be cache related.
Open on Desktop
Press Ctrl+Shift+N
Open on Mobile
Open browser app > Open a 'new window' - In the bottom you will see an option for a 'Private' Window. Click to enable incognito viewing.
Pro Tip: If you frequently view/edit your site - view it in an incognito window. This will help keep your browser from caching when edits are made.

Browser-Based Troubleshooting

If you are still having trouble, try the following:
  • Upgrade your browser and Flash Player to the latest version available.
  • Check your firewall or anti-virus software settings if you have any – Any updates can reset settings.
  • Try an alternate browser (Chrome, Safari, FireFox etc.) If it works, then the issue is with the first browser's settings.
  • Try an alternate computer in the same location. If another computer works, then the issue is the computer settings on the first one.
  • Try an alternate location that has a different Internet Service Provider/Network. If it works, the issue is with your local network.
Supported Browsers
Some browser, display, and caching issues may be caused by the browser itself. For optimal viewing and security, we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.