RSS Feeds

What are RSS Feeds? How do they work?

RSS Feeds are an online platform that allows Internet users to stay updated on content they subscribe to.
Many blogs and news websites make content available in an RSS news aggregator.
A news aggregator can keep users updated on your favorite blogs, websites and so forth each time they check their RSS feed, displaying new items from them.

Do I need an RSS Feed?

RSS Feeds are recommended for blogs or websites that have hundreds or thousands of updates each day and want their changes to be indexed quickly, as well as want their subscribers to stay up-to-date on these updates.

Do RSS Feeds help your SEO?

According to SEO industry experts (Google, Moz and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) authorities etc.), RSS feeds do not help your site's SEO or ranking.

Though an RSS Feed can help Google discover new content that comes from a frequently updated site faster (and therefore index that content faster), these feeds won’t give your site an SEO boost simply by having them.

For example, if there’s something new on your site (like new posts, pages and so forth), the RSS helps search engines find that new content quickly, prompting them to show it in search faster.

If a site has thousands of updates each day, an RSS feed might be the best solution for search engines to keep up with these changes. RSS feeds also also help with URL discovery (like Sitemaps do) and assist in your site reaching new visitors, viewers, etc.

However, again, RSS feeds do not guarantee better indexing or increased rankings.