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Build On Your Foundation

We've built your site on a strong foundation - Now what? 

Now the real fun begins! If you want to build momentum with SEO, you must consider:

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Are you in an industry where your customers can leave a review? Like it or not, most business listings come with a review option. And if that’s the case, then it’s important you generate reviews. Google welcomes it.


Even if you don't plan on doing much with your account, you should claim a Facebook or Twitter Or Instagram listing for your business. It helps build authority across the web and makes it easier to find you on search engines.

Inbound Links

Is your site being referenced around the web? Are you creating content or value that’s being shared on social media or referenced on other websites? Google favors sites with a high number of inbound links.


You can’t have inbound links if you don’t have fresh, relevant content. Keeping up-to-date content on your site is important, but what’s much more important is adding content that’s relevant and valuable in your industry. Google recognizes when visitors to your site are finding what they’re looking for, and they prioritize it.