Email & Provider Troubleshooting

Email Provider Facts

Disclaimer: Freshy does not host Email

Note: Freshy has managed email for customers in the past - If you know for certain you had this service, please reach out directly to for assistance.

How do I find my email provider?

Typically your email will end in,, etc. and this is the best indicator of your email host.

If you have a domain-branded email, you most likely have a custom setup through a service like G Suite or your Domain Registrar (ie: GoDaddy).

If you are having trouble finding your provider, you can reach out to us at and we can point you in the right direction.

The most popular email hosting providers include:

  • Google (Gmail or G Suite)
  • Microsoft
  • Domain Registrar (ie: GoDaddy)
  • AOL
  • Yahoo

Are you interested in switching to a domain branded email? Learn more about switching to G Suite here.

Email Troubleshooting

Not receiving emails in general? Not associated with notifications from forms on your website (Contact Form etc.)

Recommend to reach out to your email provider for support and troubleshooting. Freshy is more than happy to assist if any changes need to be made on the website. 

Not receiving email notifications from your website forms? Read article here!

Need Help?

Reach out to support via email - We're happy to help!