SEO for WooCommerce

Best Practices for E-Commerce Websites:

  1. Use Unique Title Tags for Product Pages - This can easily be done through varying the key phrases, not necessarily keywords, used in said title tags.
  2. Permanently 301 Redirect Expired Product URLs - This helps to remove old pages from a search engine's index, replacing it with a newer, relevant page that can rank on a SERP. 
  3. Tweak/Optimize Category Pages With Target Keywords - This would include optimizing individual pages, posts, etc. for the specific product keywords and give the category pages 'power' to prevent the individual pages from competing for the same keyword.
  4. A part of this is optimizing individual pages, posts, etc. for their specific brands, models, products, etc. and then linking them all to the general product category pages, which are optimized for those general product keywords.  
  5. Other Techniques to Follow for Optimizing Category Pages:
  6. Keyword in the image ALT and file name
  7. Keyword in your H1 tag
  8. Keyword in your page description
  9. Keyword in your page title
  10. SEO permalinks
  11. Use related keywords throughout the post
  12. Implement Schema Markups to Add Rich Snippets to Product Pages - Schema markups allow search engines to understand product info and display this info in SERPs, increasing CTRs to the product page.
  13. Common rich snippets include: Reviews, Events, Software, Products & Recipes